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With camera in hand, I guide my clients through the winding pathways and hidden nooks of the BoardWalk, each location offering its own unique charm and character. From the rustic charm of the vintage carousel to the tranquil beauty of the waterfront piers, every spot tells a story of adventure and discovery.

Sunset senior portrait session at Disney's BoardWalk Resort, showcasing the serene beauty of the waterfront piers.

Capturing your childhood : Senior Portraits at Disney’s Boardwalk Resort

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Hi!! Im a vacation photographer in the Orlando FL area, I started this back in 2007 and I love how many people I’ve gotten to meet and photograph. Everyone normally asks me what my favorite places to shoot are. First it will be the beach, second it will be a fake Disney beach, particularly Disney’s […]


Orlando Vacation Portrait Photographer that comes to your resort

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We were known as one person. Kimandbri. it was really just one name that ran on together! We both were fine art – photography majors. Loud, bubbly, giggly so do not fit into the stereotypical “Art Major” roll. Just what they needed! My first memory of Bri was in photography I. She was that girl, […]

Wedding Portraits : Bri & Kham : Celebration FL