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Wedding Portraits : Bri & Kham : Celebration FL

We were known as one person. Kimandbri. it was really just one name that ran on together! We both were fine art – photography majors. Loud, bubbly, giggly so do not fit into the stereotypical “Art Major” roll. Just what they needed! My first memory of Bri was in photography I. She was that girl, the one that developed and shot her first roll of film before anyone else. Did I mention it was the second day! Soon enough their was a gravitational pull and we bonded over developing film {yes I said developing film} and spending countless hours in the darkroom. We’d shoot together, create together. It was perfect! We always tried to get the same classes! We threw random parties and tried way to hard to get our BFA art show exhibit to be called ARTICHOKES {get it? art-I-chokes} We made t-shirts {it didn’t go over very well, and our show was called, wait for it, No Trans Fat! Ugh still mad about that- molecules on your flyers is not how I wanted to be remembered! Anyhoo- after college she fell in love with amazing KHAM! I heart him! he’s just like Mark! So its been about 6 or 7 months since their fantastic wedding! The lighting, room and flowers! DANCING! I will never forget! Since the workshop and wanted to practice all that I learned! Of course they were kind enough to get dressed up and let me take some pictures of them!! Here they are…its time for me to shut up now and show some pictures!!

Side note: I made the flower arrangements too! I love it! Perhaps I should get into designing flowers too???