Personal & Creative images that make you stand out.

I'm a flexible and creative photographer that can show your personality to your ideal client.

The Branding Experience

• two half-day branding shoot
• products shots
• 1 hour phone call consultation
• session day timeline
• mood board & visual shot list
• 6 hours of shooting time each day
• 4 locations
• 8-12 outfit changes
• image delivery in 3 weeks 
• 200 images with commercial rights

• great for a both personal branding and product images
• session day timeline
• mood board & visual shot list
• product shots
• 4 hours of shooting time
• 2-3 locations
• 8 outfit changes
• image delivery in 3 weeks 
• 60 images with commercial rights

full day

half day

• great if you sell products
• product shot-list and ideas
• 2 hours of shooting time
• up to 6 products
• image delivery in 2 weeks 
• 20 images with commercial rights



You will leave with incredible images




6 steps to get your own epic branding session

I'm so excited that you found me. It is amazing that you are ready to take the next steps to elevate your brand. Nowadays you can't just relay on those stock images. Everyone can see them a mile away and you need to take advantage of social selling. What makes me stand out is that I can be as hands on as you would like. I have worked with creative directors and I have taken on full control of shoots.  I would love to create a brand plan for you and your business. 

Let's talk details 
& shooting day

After I get your initial inquiry I would love to whip up a timeline for you to see how many hours or days you need. This varies a lot. If you have a huge product list you will need to factor more time for those shots.  We will plan it all out from your brand colors, visions you have and create new ones when needed. Most details will be nailed out prior to your shoot but of course we are flexible.

Secure your vendors & props

Once we nail down your date, time and locations. We need to also plan your vendors, locations, and potential prop needs. I have a list of great hair and make up artist. Amazing studio rental locations and I can also help source props if needed. 

Create a mood & visual board

I highly recommend creating a mood/visual board. Pinterest is great for this. I also recommend nailing down all your brand colors. If you website is pastels I wouldn't plan on rich tones for your portraits. I also have no issue working off a detailed shot-list. 

If you need models for your shoot I highly recommend having multiple models. Especially if you are working with children. That way if one child needs a break we can quickly move on without wasting time. Some babies and children have short attention spans so it is always best to be over prepared. 

Will you need models for your shoot?

If you have extra help moving items it is really a great choice. If there is a ton of stuff to move never underestimate an extra set of hands. Make sure your helper knows about your goals, visions and plan for the day.  

Enlist a helper for extra hands

Product Shots

With all branding shoots I create a lot of different variety. Don't forget your products too. It is best to shoot all your products on the same date so that everything is shot cohesively. 

Also if you don't have physical products, think about your props you can bring along. Like your phone, computers, if you travel luggage, briefcases, folders, etc.

The  Branding  experience

Custom add ons for your custom session



Product Photography

Additional team headshots


Local studio rental


Additional Hour


Kim was an amazingly creative photographer. She was able to quickly and creatively capture our company needs. From our fun headshots to our amazing product shots. Our website designer was so impressed.


"Quick and painless with amazing results."

"I have worked with so many photographers and no one had more input and ideas for our business. You can tell she really cares for our business. She had so many ideas and I was blown away!"
-Melissa M.

"So many ideas. I was blown away."

"I feel as if we are going to stand out in our industry now. I was hesitant to do this because I didn't feel perfect enough for our branding session but I needed to do this for our business. Now when I post images on social media I feel confident and I can see that it helps my clients remember to book me."

-Matthew B.

"We stand out in our industry now."


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