Sunset senior portrait session at Disney's BoardWalk Resort, showcasing the serene beauty of the waterfront piers.

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Capturing your childhood : Senior Portraits at Disney’s Boardwalk Resort

Senior portraits where you vacationed growing up

Capturing the joy and excitement of senior year against the iconic arches of Disney's BoardWalk Resort.

Picture this: Getting to have your senior portraits captured where you vacationed growing up : Senior Portraits at Disney’s Boardwalk Resort

As the sun sets over we met up at Disney’s Boardwalk resort, there’s magic in the air for their session. I can only imagine what it felt like to see your daughter getting her senior portraits on the boardwalk, where they took her for vacations as a little girl. Bought those yummy swirly lollipops, sat and ate ice cream and watched a sunset with her on the boardwalk. Now you bring her back for these moments. For seniors visiting the happiest place on earth, their vacation isn’t just about rides and attractions—it’s about creating lasting memories, captured in stunning senior portraits. And what better backdrop for such timeless moments than the Disney’s BoardWalk Resort?

A senior poses with a confident smile amidst the vibrant colors of the vintage carousel at Disney's BoardWalk Resort.
Senior portrait against the backdrop of Disney's BoardWalk Resort, capturing the essence of youthful adventure.
Sunset senior portrait session at Disney's BoardWalk Resort, showcasing the serene beauty of the waterfront piers.
Senior portrait taken amidst the rustic charm of the BoardWalk's quaint storefronts and cobblestone pathways.
A senior poses against the backdrop of lush greenery and blooming flowers at Disney's BoardWalk Resort gardens
Senior portrait session at Disney's BoardWalk Resort, featuring the timeless allure of the charming gazebos.

Exploring the Best Spots: Nestled along the shores of Crescent Lake, Disney’s BoardWalk Resort is a picturesque setting brimming with vintage charm and whimsical allure. As the golden hour approaches, the boardwalk comes alive with a warm, inviting glow, providing the perfect canvas for unforgettable senior portraits.

  1. The Boardwalk: With its colorful facades and nostalgic vibe, the boardwalk itself is a quintessential backdrop for senior portraits. Closer to sunset the lights turn on and it gets really magical. From posing by the railings and walking on the boardwalk with the cute buildings behind you.
  2. Crescent Lake: Gently rippling waters and serene views make Crescent Lake an idyllic spot for capturing the essence of tranquility. Whether it’s a candid moment by the water’s edge or a reflective portrait against the shimmering backdrop of the lake, this scenic locale promises breathtaking results.
  3. Gardens and Gazebos: Tucked away amidst lush greenery and vibrant blooms, the gardens at Disney’s BoardWalk Resort offer a tranquil retreat from the hustle and bustle of the theme parks. Seek out charming gazebos and secluded alcoves for intimate portraits infused with natural beauty.
  4. Seabreeze Point: As the sun dips below the horizon, Seabreeze Point is a stunner of a location and a lot of proposals happen here. It is slightly tucked away. This location can have an event so sometimes we can’t use it. But it sure does create pretty silhouette shots.
  5. Themed Architecture: From the whimsical charm of the carousel to the grandeur of the resort’s elegant architecture, every corner of Disney’s BoardWalk is adorned with intricate details waiting to be discovered. Incorporate these iconic elements into your senior portraits for a touch of Disney magic.

For our recent senior portrait session at Disney’s BoardWalk Resort, I had the privilege of witnessing the beauty of sunset casting its enchanting spell over this captivating destination. While getting to know her I had a blast. We photographed amazing images and I had the best time. We were rewarded with soft beautiful lighting, not a ton of crowds and our senior model exuded grace and elegance, her laughter echoing through the night as we immortalized each fleeting moment in timeless photographs.

So if you are looking for an amazing location for your senior portraits consider the Disney’s BoardWalk Resort, seniors have the opportunity to create cherished memories that will last a lifetime. With its charming ambiance and captivating vistas, this enchanting destination provides the perfect backdrop for senior portraits that capture the essence of joy, adventure, and timeless beauty. So, whether you’re visiting Orlando for a magical vacation or seeking the perfect spot for senior portraits, let the charm of Disney’s BoardWalk be the backdrop for your unforgettable journey.

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