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Kickball engagement party : Celebration, FL

Total and complete fun. That’s the only way to describe it! My good friends are getting Married!! Okay so lets start from the beginning. I like to plan things, fun things, and its so hard to get everyone together sometime! We don’t work normal days, so it was a little hard to organize, until I guilt tripped everyone. I had two things going for us. One it was an ‘Engagement Party’ and I figured only jerks don’t want to go to a kickball engagement party! Then I made shirts, well mark and I made the shirts. I truly don’t think my iron has seen anything like that! We live in Celebration, aka, pleasentville, equipped with amazing parks that scream- play kickball here! I’m honest! The day was perfect. Finally nice weather! It’s been the coldest winter in 50 years… However you couldn’t tell by the day we had!

Let’s talk about the game. I’m not sporty, I was an art major. Took only art courses, I hated P.E. tether ball was the death of me and I always get picked last. We made teams for kick ball but we had a football game after kickball {reasons why Im so sore} Well, I was picked last for football! I came up with the party and I get picked last! well well well, who scored 2 touchdowns? ME! Who caught like a million passes, ME! why because no one covered me and they thought I sucked! Yes I was awful at kickball! Amazingly awful. That ball is so awkwardly shaped! And its basically baseball. Did I mention I’m not a fan of baseball. Im for hard core, gladiator type of sports! FOOTBALL! I know the rules watch it ever Sunday, Go FINS! yah I said fins, don’t hate! And then kickball/baseball. The rules are odd. why can you run pass 1st base but not 2nd or third? they are the same distance? And that how you break an ankle or something, Then this whole foul and in field fly rules, so many rules that are boring! Okay so I’m done ranting. I had so much fun! I’m so glad we were able to do this because half, literally half of our good friends are moving north! 🙁 too sad! Thanks everyone for coming out! It was amazing!

  1. tracy says:

    Too cute! I love the shirts! You look great!