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do you believe in miracles?

so I finally get to cross this off my to do list…Its a miracle. It was like a leak I didn’t fix or something a husband does in the movies that we have to hear about. I just never wanted to tackle the FTP or what ever it was. But I’m really excited… this is a lot of fun! I still have a million things to change and I’m sure there are spelling errors or defaults from the template but… I will be crossing this one off the to do list. I might even add it to new to do list just to cross it off! Yah Im that cool!

Totally cute Alyson & Ben

  1. tracy says:

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE the new blog! It totally rocks! I love the green vintage wallpaper…yeah i said it…i love wallpaper! The pictures are amazing and capture the pure essence of the moment. AAAHHHH…a BEAUTIFUL display of TRUTH!
    Love ya…and Little Miss Chloe misses her Kimbrr