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So I have heard it all my life. I honestly didn’t understand the “eye’s” complement. I was always like “really people my eyes? Yah they are blue? Thanks” And it would always come out in the middle of a conversation. Odd I always thought…. Well…he-he…. apparently those words just falls right out of your mouth. Melissa has the stunning blue eyes and she has been kind enough to give them to her beautiful children!  I would like to point out that I felt so strange saying the eye’s complement. but like I said it just fell out of my mouth. 🙂 I met Melissa thru Kate & Sam’s Wedding at the Celebration Hotel. Melissa has the number one quality in being a wedding coordinator. When you talk to her she makes you smile. It’s very contagious. I highly recommend having your wedding at the Celebration Bohemian Hotel, not only for the amazing venue but for the great service. We schedule a family session around Celebration.

Thanks again for letting me photograph your wonderful family!!

  1. Tracy says:

    Yes Kimbrrr….Your eyes are amazingly awesome!!! Way better than my good old run of the mill brown… are the lucky Italain! I just got the norm….ahhh….don’t you make my brown eyes blue….hahaha….I wish they were another color!