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Orlando Florida Family Photographer : Magnolia Park in Apopka Florida Portraits

My Aunt had peacocks. They would make the strangest sounds. Me being adventurous and mainly bored set up a trail of fish food to have them come into our pool enclosure. It worked and was so cool. Well until after my mom took her pictures and laughed a little. I then got in trouble and had to shoo them out and clean up what they left behind. But it was totally worth it. Well I got to meet up again with peacocks, this time at Magnolia Park in Apopka!  I had such an amazing time photographing this beautiful family! We were so lucky to meet people that were feeding the peacocks and they were nice enough to let us use some bait. I had no idea they were there and I was told that in the spring its mating season. That’s when they fan open their big feathers. I’m def. going to go back to see that.

So I am so happy to have met this family! They are so much fun! Plus they take wonderfully beautiful pictures. I always love to photograph the reactions when I say “pretend Im not here, or just talk to each other for a bit” It’s really fun to capture those moments. At this particular shoot it had the most yummy lighting. I had such an amazing time. You always know its gunna be a good day when your clients show up with a tutu! <3