Family reunion photos at Reunion Resort

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5 Tips for choosing your vacation rental for the Perfect Location for a Family Reunion Photoshoot | family reunion photos at Reunion Resort

Family reunion photos at Reunion Resort

Oh did I have a blast at this session at the beautiful reunion resort! They were so much fun to photograph, from special guests to a couple brothers being brothers and being pushed in a pool you can certainly say it was so much fun. I met up with them at their vacation rental house in reunion resort for a family reunion photoshoot. Being able to shoot on-site at their accommodations they had an amazing rental, the pool was show stopping and we had access to a backyard that was on a golf course. We would have never had to worry about rain either since their living room area was huge too.

So I wanted to make a list of all the things to think about when choosing your rental house if you want to do your session there. If you choose a house and it doesn’t have these feature, or even if yours does I do know a couple parks at the resort that I highly recommend. Since regardless all the houses in reunion resort are very close together. So it is likely that some shots could have the neighboring house in the background.

This is the villa they rented from topvillas

This session was also shot around sunset. (So an evening session)

 Here’s 5 tips for making sure your vacation rental house is a good choice for your family portrait sessions.

1. No rear neighbors:
If your property doesn’t back up to any rear neighbors (Where houses would be in the background) that would be best. Some houses have golf course views or nature views, those are great!

2. Angle of the sun:
This one might be a little tricky to figure out but remember the sun rises from the east and sets to the west so depending on what time you are getting your portraits taken. When I am looking for my photo locations I typically shoot with the sun behind your backs or in shady area.

3. A cleaned area:
I would suggest cleaning your pool area and any areas that we are going to shoot around. That way we don’t have to avoid areas or take the time to clean it during your session.

4. Possible back yard access:
If your location has access to the back yard, be it a golf course, park or nature area.

5. Close to a Park or willing to go to one:
If your location isn’t ideal I can find a close location to your rental house in reunion resort. I highly recommend the main park, but there are also some other locations around the area.

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