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Best friends in the wildflower – Orlando wildflower photo shoot with 5 great tips to remember

Orlando wildflower photo shoot

How fun! I mean this is the best!! These two besties had a great time frolicking in the field and I am here for it all!! You guys if you want to get into wildflowers too now is time to start thinking about spring. Spring is amazing and full of neat blooms. Most wildflower locations are up north a bit around the Gainesville area but I do have a great farm in Umatilla, FL at grahams u pick farms. There is a fee to shoot there but it is totally worth it!! 

Oh the deets, The blooms normally start the end of April into May.

Let me know if you want to get on the schedule, I only have a limited amount of spots for sessions but It is totally worth it.

Here’s some tips in case you book an Orlando wildflower photo shoot:

  1. Wear close toe shoes, it’s 100% a great idea. 
  2. bring bug spray, Sometimes it get’s buggy out but it is dependent on location.
  3. let the kids be kids and look at the flowers, ask them to pick some, smell some, point out their favorite ones
  4. Tell the kids that they will be having a fun photoshoot and we want a lot of smiles and don’t be afraid to laugh
  5. Every family with kids have silly things they do together. Be it nose rubs, tickles, silly sayings don’t forget to do those at your shoot. (If you have any and you need me to prompt them for you just let me know those secret cute family things you guys do.) If you can’t think of any I will do my own run though, I mean you might catch me smelling feet and passing out. 
Orlando wildflower photo shoot

Orlando wildflower photo shoot