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Orlando orange grove portraits

No pain, No gain (Fact) Okay Im not a super graceful person. But normally when I am photographing people I can seem fairly cool. Not this time. If only you all could see the hott mess going on behind the camera. From the fire ants to the mean evil weed that injected it’s thorns of death into me. We came out with beyond epic images. I’ve wanted to capture an orange grove shoot since I have picked up a camera. I loved it. I love the leading lines and with how amazing my couple was we got some extra stunning images. The lighting was my ultimate favorite sort of lighting. I love when I have couples that just melt into each other. Even tho these two have been dating for years I felt like they had so much fun with each other and I think it shows within the pictures. Plus any bride that’s down with an orange grove is def my type of lady!! I guarantee their wedding will be wonderful 🙂

Did I mention I even broke my shoes and had to borrow flip flops from my clients. I will always be rocking my cowboy boots in orange groves from here on out. 🙂 Good plan!

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Central Florida Wedding and Portrait photographer Kimberly Lange

Ps: If you are interested in a shoot in this orange grove I don’t know how long it will still be available looks like the land is for sale so we can buy the land or do shoots quickly 🙂

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  1. Claire says:

    Hi! Where in Orlando is this located? I’m looking to do an orange grove photo session and it would be helpful to know if this place is still available or if it’s been sold. Thanks!

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