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Orlando Maternity photoshoot at Lake Louisa state park : 1 of the best places in Orlando for your maternity shoot.

Orlando Maternity photoshoot at Lake Louisa state park

Being a photographer Lake Louisa State Park is a great place for a Maternity session. Lake Louisa state park, this is a dream of a location for a maternity session.

And boy oh boy did the Sunset show off. It’s always been my favorite part of any day. I do also love mornings but not as much as the sunset. I really think that tiny part of everyday is what made me fall in love with photography. So when Im at home and see my white vinyl fence turn pink I race my kids outside to gaze at the sky. Jackson love it and is starting to race me to the sunset too. We call it cotton candy clouds and let me tell you lately the sky has been a showoff!!

I secretly hope for skies like this and when the day turns into this I get overly giddy and won’t let you leave. Sorry. It felt amazing that this big thundercloud behind us matched Gina’s dress too. The silhouette of the two of them might be one of my most favorite little captures ever too. We drove all over lake louisa for this session. And let me tell you that’s the way to do it folks. We get to pop in and out the the car, which means AC in the middle of summer. It really helped keep everyone cool and their hair looking fine!!

I love sharing this beautiful maternity photoshoot at Lake Louisa State Park, and it was an absolutely breathtaking experience. Located in central Florida, Lake Louisa State Park is known for its natural beauty, with rolling hills, clear lakes, and lush forests providing the perfect backdrop for any outdoor photoshoot.

The expectant mother, Gina, was glowing with excitement as we arrived at the park, and we immediately knew that this was going to be a special photoshoot. “I’ve always loved nature, so I knew I wanted to do my maternity photos outdoors,” Gina told me. “And when I saw the beautiful scenery at Lake Louisa State Park, I knew it was the perfect location.”

We spent the next hour or so exploring the park and capturing some stunning photos of Gina in various locations around the park. From the serene beauty of the lake to the lush greenery of the forests, every location offered something unique and special.

One of our favorite photos from the session was taken high up in the park, with the couple silhouetted against the setting sun. “I was a little nervous at first, but the photographer made me feel so comfortable and relaxed,” they said. “It was such a special experience, and I’m so glad we did it.”

Overall, the maternity photoshoot at Lake Louisa State Park was an unforgettable experience, and we are so grateful to have been able to capture these special moments for them. If you’re expecting and looking for a unique and beautiful location for your maternity photos, we highly recommend considering Lake Louisa State Park.

Here’s a smidge of our favorites for the session. Thanks for trusting that the sky would show off.

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We started off a little early in a stunner of a field. this light reminds me of Lily Pulitzer all clean, crisp and bright.



We then hung out in the oak trees next to the field and the tall pine trees too.




After that we jumped back into the car and drove down to the lake to use the boardwalk and the lake front. I was shocked with how busy it was down there.



After that we re jumped into the car drove back to the top of the state park to get this wide shot. Lake Louisa is cool since it has elevation changes. Thank you central FL.




Then we were going to head down to our first field but I just had a feeling about this spot. I have wanted to use it forever too. And what a smart idea!! The sky was showing off. The elevation change was beyond perfect and I had goosebumps from this entire session.

If you want to know more about Lake Louisa here’s a great link to the state park https://www.floridastateparks.org/parks-and-trails/lake-louisa-state-park I also would love to shoot a lake louisa state park wedding. 

Location: Lake Louisa State Park –

lake louisa state park tickets – you do need admission and can get that right at the guard gate 

Also check out if lake louisa state park events are going on when planning your session here. Sometimes they have bike races at the state park, which makes it slightly busier.

In addition to maternity I also photograph newborn photographer too.

Orlando Maternity Photoshoot by Kim with Portrayable Photography

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