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Maternity Posing Guide | Orlando Florida Maternity Photographer

I figured this would be a pretty fun little blog post. I wanted to be able to have a nice little pintrest-esk blog post to help out with Maternity Posing. My thoughts and ideas, and a little bit about what to expect during your session. During the session I will ask for random poses and moves. But as a great ground rule we will have you all nice and close, hands on belly since that’s why we’re here. Laughing, looking at your belly will certainly happen. Also its such a smart idea to bend one left and pop it out to give extra curves. If possible I love to try and shoot a smidge higher up for these sessions too. I will be zooming in and out a lot to not only create full wide shots but close up shots as well. So it is best if you can hold a pose for a bit. Also maternity portraits are normally captured between 28-34 weeks.

1.) Cuddles from behind:

Basically you sneak up from behind her. Your hands will be able to rest on the belly (sometimes on the top and sometimes on the side), her bicep, elbow. Then I will have you all look at me, each other, She can look at her beautiful shoulder while you kiss her head.

2.) Straight On:

This is a fun one. As its an easy shot. I’ll have you both face me. Sometimes slightly turned in towards each other or to the side. Momma grabs her belly and your partner will have their hand in their pocket.

3.) Close Up:

During the session I will be capturing these shots too. The nice close up shots. I do love to have you both looking and smiling at each other even if your heads are all cut off. This is also nice when you bring along shoes, props, and accessories.

4.) Close Up with Partner:

Having your Partner do the kisses and listening to baby shots are adorable. I normally ask if you want this shot, as this is one of those shots people either love or hate.

5.)Turned in towards belly:

I love how these turn out. turning your belly into your partner creates such a romantic shot. Your Partner can easily give extra belly attention


Walking slowly shots. I do this one a lot. Again I love the use of movement. So when you go for your little stroll think about holding your belly, top or bottom. holding hands with your partner and looking at each other, me, and your belly too.

7.) Mom solo:

These solo shots are breath-taking. It’s always a stunner. I hear most how Moms give these to their Moms.

8.) Partners on different levels:

This is all fun for some shallow depth of field action. I will focus on each of you so multiple frames are being captured.

9.) Your Partners Back with Mom’s belly facing the camera:

Yes this is me using someone as a prop, but is so fun!! It reminds me of support and kindness. So I love capturing these.

10.) Silhouette & Big open wide sky shots:


To get a stunner like these. It is best to do these at either sunrise or sunset. I strangely pose you all a lot. I also need a big clear open sky for these.

11.) Siblings:


Big me the siblings. These are fun. They will also be unpredictable too. But look at the poses we can get. I’m basically using all the above shots just adding in big brother/sister to the mix. Bring the snacks and drinks for breaks and bribes.

12.) Props & Being goofy:

I’m here for the props, the goofy moments and the cuddles. I love to use the location to be a main part of your session too. Dad’s love to show off their bellies at the session and Im totally hear for it.

So there you have it. A cute little post with cute little poses. I also have fun packages to include Maternity/Newborn and milestone sessions. If you are looking to get your outdoor maternity session captured around the Orlando area feel free to send a message. I would love to get in touch!