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Orlando Florida Maternity Photographer | Florida Spring

Blue crystal clear waters, yummy amazing light, I mean beams of light were happening, and great couple up for anything! That’s how this day went

Okay. So I just adore every single second of shooting my cousin. We both bounce ideas off each other and well… magic happens. I have wanted to do a spring session for, forever! Brit was the perfect person for the challenge. It’s not all glamour and roses here folks. It’s cold water, sinking into the spring ground, thinking hey lets just go for a walk in the woods to get this shot. But with all of that we get something beautiful. The light. OMG the light was insane. I mean this is Pinterest style lighting. (Slightly photoshopped) What you see is what I saw. I basically didn’t shut up about the lighting. I can only imagine what was whispered in Brit’s ear when I pulled that pose out. HA! Then we had great outfits, beautiful props and a mint green sheer piece of fabric. (Check out the fabric bloopers, best)

We shot these at Blue Springs, in High springs, not to be confused with the other Blue springs in Deland, FL.

Note: We got there right as soon as we could. 8:00 am. By 9:00 it was already busy.

Enjoy everyone of these 🙂


PS there is some amazing boiled peanuts I got for the ride home. Buffalo and dill pickled flavors (insert mouth watering goodness) I can’t wait for this babe to be born! 🙂


See great lighting! 

FYI Floating is hard work

First babies always should be in the portraits

Left!! OMG right. Fun Fact: Minnows were following her fabric.

Best Belly shot ever!

Omg! Lighting Oh.My.God.

Floating dock above fun… 

So there was a crazy rain storm the evening before we shot. All that rain water could have changed how blue the water was. Lucky for us it is still gorg

Another fave above

Below : Bloopers to create pretty moments. 

  1. Y'all will never forget how much fun these pictures were to make, they are beautiful and one of a kind! So happy for y'all! It's a full moon, won't be long now!:-)

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