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Orlando baby photographer | 7 month portraits

We did a Miss M’s 7 month portraits after 2 reschedules due to poor weather. Then this past weekend we had a random cold front. I was so sad that it was so chilly and so windy but since we both drove so far to the beach we made it work out well. It took two sessions to get the images but they are so cute. Her on the boardwalk. Melts my heart!

Orlando-florida-baby-photographer 2023.JPG

Orlando-florida-baby-photographer 2024.JPG

Orlando-florida-baby-photographer 2025.JPG

Orlando-florida-baby-photographer 2026.JPG

Orlando-florida-baby-photographer 2027.JPG

Orlando-florida-baby-photographer 2028.JPG

Orlando-florida-baby-photographer 2029.JPG

Orlando-florida-baby-photographer 2030.JPG

Orlando-florida-baby-photographer 2031.JPG

Orlando-florida-baby-photographer 2032.JPG

Orlando-florida-baby-photographer 2033.JPG

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