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Family portraits on Vacation in Lake Buena Vista Florida | The Mashaal Family

Yay and Yippy. I was so happy to see the mashaal family come back this year for more portraits. Their session from last year was at the boardwalk and this year we went with the Grand Floridian Resort. I can’t tell you how much I love to see families grow. This year has been a great year so far. So many return clients. It has been great! I love all of their shots as much as last years too.

Here’s last years shoot :

Disney's-grand-floridian-family-photographer 2011.JPG

Disney's-grand-floridian-family-photographer 2012.JPG

Disney's-grand-floridian-family-photographer 2013.JPG

Disney's-grand-floridian-family-photographer 2014.JPG

Disney's-grand-floridian-family-photographer 2015.JPG

Disney's-grand-floridian-family-photographer 2016.JPG

Disney's-grand-floridian-family-photographer 2017.JPG

Disney's-grand-floridian-family-photographer 2018.JPG

Disney's-grand-floridian-family-photographer 2019.JPG

Disney's-grand-floridian-family-photographer 2020.JPG

Disney's-grand-floridian-family-photographer 2021.JPG

Disney's-grand-floridian-family-photographer 2022.JPG

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