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Disney's-grand-floridian-engagement-portraitsDisney's-grand-floridian-engagement-portraitsDisney's-grand-floridian-engagement-portraitsDisney's-grand-floridian-engagement-portraitsDisney's-grand-floridian-engagement-portraitsDisney's-grand-floridian-engagement-portraitsDisney's-grand-floridian-engagement-portraitsDisney's-grand-floridian-engagement-portraitsDisney's-wilderness-lodge-engagement-portraitsDisney's-wilderness-lodge-engagement-portraitsDisney's-wilderness-lodge-engagement-portraitsDisney's-wilderness-lodge-engagement-photographerDisney's-wilderness-lodge-engagement-photographerDisney's-wilderness-lodge-engagement-photographerDisney's-wilderness-lodge-engagement-photographerDisney's-wilderness-lodge-engagement-photographerDisney's-wilderness-lodge-engagement-photographerdisney engagement portraits on vacationdisney engagement photographer

If you are looking to get your pictures taken while you are on vacation at disney or  if you live around the area contact me with some dates so I can make sure Im available. I love capturing engagement session.

  1. Catherine de Lima says:

    These photographs are really beautiful.

  2. How lovely and just plain fun. I really enjoyed going through these. Congratulations Jamie and Linda Neeley.

  3. Connie Quick says:

    oh, what a wonderful place to have your engagement photos done! Beautiful photography!

  4. Jennifer Lenners Rollins says:

    How awesome!

  5. Jan Schatz Easterly says:

    GREAT PICTURES!! (I just sent you a PM–it may be in your "other" box.)

  6. Jan Schatz Easterly says:

    You are so right! These are lovely!

  7. Janice Maida says:

    These are the greatest! Congratulations Jamie and Quentin! We are so happy for you.

  8. Kim Lloyd Hewlett says:

    The pictures are so fun! Congrats to Jamie and Quinn … so exciting!

  9. Debbie Matticks says:

    that day willl be my 28th anniversary. good day to wed!

  10. Linda Neeley says:

    The wedding will be in Salt Lake. Make sure to save January 18th. Reception at Gardner Village that evening

  11. Wow Linda, what wonderful news. The photos are adorable but I lost count on the number of clothing changes. They look so adorable. Will they be getting married in Florida? What are you doing these days other than now planning a wedding!

  12. Melissa Hall says:

    I love the heel kicking one! Awesome and congrats.

  13. Sharon Handy says:

    Congratulation Linda on the engagement of your beautiful daughter Jamie and her handsome prince Quentin! Special congratulations to Jamie and Quentin! Today, Tomorrow and Always may life be good to both of you as hopes become reality and all your dreams come true!

  14. Mary Cheney Gums says:

    Beautiful. Congrats to Jamie and Quentin.

  15. Great pictures. Best wishes to Jamie and Quentin.

  16. Pam Copeland Watts says:


  17. Bob N Lee says:

    Very nice, Jamie. Congratulations.

  18. Adrienne Vincent-Phoenix says:

    These photos look fantastic. I love all of the unique poses and props.

  19. Linda Neeley says:

    These are the BEST engagement pictures ever. Of course, it's my daughter Jamie and her fiance Quentin. Jamie and Q loved the photographer and highly recommend her. I can't wait to see the rest of the pictures!

  20. Nancy Boman says:

    They are SO good. Love them all. Grandma & Grandpa B.