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Clearwater Beach Photographer

I’m from Naples. I grew up on the beach, practically every weekend we were there, out in the boat. It was wonderful way to grow up. With the blessing of growing up in the sand and the sun came the ability of knowing all about the weather close to the ocean.  Now living inland I miss the sea breeze constantly. The sea breeze is practically photography insurance for photographers. Keeping the rain at bay most of the time, that is.  So as we were driving down to clearwater beach the rain and lighting was all around us. This was either going to be awful or wonderful. But the rain clouds can create stunning sunsets.

I just have this weakness for cute kids with accents. I constantly want to make them talk just so I can hear their accents some more. Add cute words like cheeky, and cheers.. then I’m done. We will be best friends for life. In fact at the end of this family session I’m pretty sure Kate, my lovely assistant for the evening, and I were all set to move in with their family. Plus they made my desire to visit Europe multiply by 100. Clearly they are just an all around adorable family!! Steve and Emma sure do make some beautiful babies! I am so thankful too have been able to capture their family. I love how Emma and Steve made time for shots of just them together. Emma was able to dress the family so well. All together too. She’s really lucky that I didn’t steal her dresses.

  1. klange says:

    I’m glad that you found some pictures 🙂 Clearwater is beyond gorg!! have a great vacation!!!

  2. Hi there!

    I was searching for some pictures of Clearwater beach and I found your site! I will be there on vacation the last week in october.

    I love your pictures, and I’m looking forward to put my feets on the beach.
    It’s getting very cold here in Norway these days, so I hope it is still some summer left in Florida for me 🙂

  3. Emma says:

    We had such an awesome time. Thank you Kimberley for some amazing photographs that we can treasure forever xxx