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Cake Smash Portraits | Bella is One!!!

Wow I can’t believe it has been one year. I have loved photographing her throughout her first year of being born. Its been amazing watching her grow. The cake smash sessions are always fun. You never know how the baby will react. Bella cried and laughed and enjoyed the cake all at the same time.

Cake Smash Tips:

-Use a butter cream type frosting. Don’t use fondant, even tho it looks great your baby won’t really smash into the cake

-Your frosting should be a light color, but not bright white. Also stay away from chocolates and reds – think blood and poo yikes

-Your actual cake should be a lighter color too. Chocolate is really not a good choice. I like yellow cake

-Cake needs to have a layer but not be too tall or short

-Mom, be ready to help your baby taste the cake – dont assume they will just dive in. Lots of babies tend to cry believe it or not.

-Get a big number one for the cake topper. You can make it out of scrap paper too.

-choose the location. In your house, in your kitchen, at a park, in a vintage highchair

-bring extra sprinkles, frosting, toppers, ect

-have a clean up plan in place – we can do a bubble bath session after the shoot too.

-change of clothes for everyone, mom, dad, siblings and babies

-book your session in advance