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Omni Championsgate Family Portrait Photographer

I love photographing families while they are on vacation in the orlando area. The Dennisons choose Omni Championsgate for their family portrait session. We did a morning session and had such beautiful lighting. The kids were fantastic too. It’s always a great idea to get your family portraits done while on vacation. Everyone seems to be more relaxed since they aren’t in their everyday grind.

Family Vacation Tips For large Families:

+Plan your outfits well ahead of time before you leave. Layout your outfits and make sure everyone has their outfits, then pack them all together in a bag that’s in a bag and  when you get to your hotel you have everything ready and in one spot

+The summer does get really hot so its always a good idea to wear and undershirt for the men.

+Baby powder will take away sand easily, so if we are on a disney “beach” pack a little baby powder

+The winters can actually be slightly chilly so have a backup plan for your clothing

+For large families we can break up the sessions. I normally always start with the large family portrait and then I will get the portraits with the family with the little kids. That way they can be done first. So family members without the kids be prepared to wait

+Only have one family member tell the kids to look at my camera.

+Adult Family members should keep looking at me. I’ll get the kids to look at my camera and we must move fast. 🙂

+Have fun and bring snacks.