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Windermere FL Family Photographer | An Amazing photoshoot location in Orlando

Windermere FL Family Photographer

Hey there, are you looking for a photoshoot location in Orlando FL? I have the spot that is near to disney and if you are looking for a local area I highly suggest Downtown Winderemere. Today, I’m super stoked to show you this photoshoot in the beautiful town of Windermere, Florida, where I recently had themost fantastic photoshoot experience. Get ready for a blast as we dive into the sun-soaked session.

I met up with this family for their session. It was so nice to have a break from the holiday minis and create a full session too. Winderemere is a dog friendly location. We shot these into Sunset and got an amazing sunny day with a glow down the street. Historical Windermere is an amazing place for portrait sessions. I do recommend timing the shoot when the farmer’s market isn’t happening to be able to shoot around the town hall and with less people around the grounds.
A Sunny Slice of Paradise

Okay, picture this: A little slice of paradise tucked away in the heart of Central Florida. That’s Windermere for you! It’s like a hidden gem that sparkles under the golden Florida sun. As a photographer, I couldn’t help but get giddy with excitement as I explored the picturesque tree-lined streets, charming streets, and delightful architecture that makes this place a dreamland for capturing memories.
Magical Backdrops, Everywhere You Go

Now, let’s talk about the jaw-dropping backdrops Windermere has to offer. Nature has truly blessed this town with its splendor! I’m talking about, whimsical garden squares, and those oak trees with a ton of Spanish moss along streets of bricks and some dirt roads that photograph amazingly. As a photographer, I was like a kid in a candy store – so many breathtaking spots to choose from, I couldn’t contain my excitement!

Until next time, keep smiling, keep exploring, and keep making memories that will last a lifetime! Cheers! 📸😄