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What details and accessories does your photographer want on your wedding day?

What details and accessories does your photographer want on your wedding day?

So fun!! I can’t wait to write about this. From the moment I arrive when you are getting ready Im there to capture it all. I love photographing your accessories and your dress all the details while your make up is getting applied. So here is a list of some items I normally request for those pretty detail shots.

My best little tip for this, have all these accessories and details in a bag ready to go. Then I can just ask for the bag and I will put all the stuff back in there.

+Wedding rings (If you have these, if you don’t no worries I normally take them when I am at your reception and you are eating)
+jewelry, Earrings, necklaces, hair pieces (if not already in your hair),
+Handwritten Vows or Notes
+Ring box
+Rings (if you have them)
+Sash (If you have them)
+Wedding Dress hung and ready to go
+Bouquet (Not needed in the bag)
+Any borrowed jewelry (Feel free to let me know the meaning)
+Gifts or Letters
+Special Socks
+Dancing shoes
+Unique or personal items