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Vero Beach Family Portraits : Beach Photography

So you know when you finally get to meet someone that you saw only in pictures and they might not sound like you thought they would or they have tiny hands, {little inside joke, sorry} Well times that by like 11! I had the pleasure of photographing my best friends family at Disney’s Vero Beach! I don’t know if I ever mentioned this but I want all Boys! I grew up with only sisters and Mark has only brothers. They seem way easier to me. I’ll take wrestling over fights of clothes and barbies any day. Well Taylor has only Nephews. And the cutest nephews ever. They totally made my day! Talk about a fun day! Funny story: The 4 year old is in the what is, who is, stage. He’s so outgoing, marches to the beat of his own drum. My kind of kid. So he goes up to Mark and asks who Bret Michaels is. Then when I hand Mark the Memory Card, He asks if he can hold it. Mark say’s no because he has to guard it with his life. He then ask Mark “what is life”. I mean I can’t make this stuff up! So after the shoot Mark goes, “so I got asked who is Bret Micheals and what is life” That’s a great day if you ask me!

The East coast is a surprisingly lovely-dreamy place to take beach portraits. I grew up on the West coast. I’m used to the sunset and the calm waves. We stayed the night and the next day relaxed under a wonderful umbrella and beach chairs. I even got to  go Boogie Boarding. Like a pro{ish}! We don’t have waves like that on the other coast. I’m pretty sure I pulled all sorts of neck muscles from the wave that took me out. I swear I was under for at least 37 seconds. Mark says it was more like 5. But I’m sure he was wrong.  However I boogie boarded until I was told it was….wait for it…. dangerous surf …. and if I continued I would be on my own! Check that one off the bucket list!