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The First Year Portraits

So I have had lots of questions as when to do portraits during the first year of your child’s portraits. My favorite are Newborn sessions. Tons of work but so so rewarding. It’s amazing how quickly children grow and to capture these milestone sessions with portraits are important. My other absolute favorite session age, almost more than newborns, in fact its a tie is the 6-7 month portrait session. These little nuggets can sit up. They all think Im hilarious and the amount of different poses really helps for variety. Plus they are all just adorable little squirts. Then I adore the cake smash 1 year old portraits too.

NEWBORN SESSIONS – 1-14 days old
A true Newborn Session – Captured at 1-14 days old. This is the only age that I can get these adorable curly poses. Or pictures in baskets. Since baby will stay asleep. Please know that these sessions take place at your house and I bring my studio to you. They are also pretty long. Average session is 4 hours. Plenty of time for feeding and soothing.
Below is Caden He was 10 days old:
newborn portraits with glasses
newborn session in celebration florida
Below is Trent he was 12 days old
christmas theme newborn portraitsnewborn with sibling
Below is Tiny Tinley: She was 7 days oldnewborn photographer in orlando floridanewborn photographer in central florida
Below is Kingston: he was 14 days new
celebration newborn photographer
Below is Giselle: She was 6 days old
newborn photographer in orlando florida
Below is Janet : She was 3 days newnewborn photographer in celebration
Below is Bella : She was 6 days oldgreat orlando newborn photographer
Below is Bella She was 5 days new
newborn portraits with baby girl
 2 month old portraits
This is Carson: He’s 2.5 months here as you can see he’s wide awake for all his portraits. No tight curly poses. He’s in a basket but his mom was  photoshopped out.
We can’t get true newborn portraits past 3 weeks. (That’s pushing it 2 weeks max is the best)

These sessions are about an hour or when your little nugget is done with me.


Below is Carson He was 2.5 months old
2 month old portraits
3-5 month old Portraits
We get portraits with them holding their heads up while on their tummies, pictures from above them while they are on their backs and possibly portraits of them leaning up against chairs. All with a spotter very very close.
These sessions are about an hour or when your little nugget is done with me.

Below is adorable Charlotte about 4 months

newborn 3 month old portraits

Below is sweet Giselle: 4 month old

Below is Caralynn : 4 months old
Below is Bella : 5 months old
6-9 month old Portraits
When they can sit up all on their own and even stand while holding stuff. This is one of my favorite ages. They think Im hilarious and I can get incredible smiles. We even can get them to stand while your hold their hand:
 These sessions are about an hour or when your little nugget is done with me.


Below is Bella : 8 month old portraits
Below Bella is 10 months old
1 year old Portraits
A milestone for sure. One year of being in your life. One year of growth and love. They might be standing, or walking. They really might not love me or I’ll be their best friend. They adore peek-a-boo and I can get many different poses out of them. These sessions are about an hour or when your little nugget is done with me. I have the parents bring the cake with them. Just incase they have any allergies or dietary needs. I suggest getting a vanilla or yellow cake. It looks the best for pictures. With the icing colors the best are light pastel colors. They won’t stain the baby as much. Chocolate cakes not good they look like, well poop. And stay away from white icing, its very bright and doesn’t photograph well. Red is also not so great, sorta looks like blood, honesty done.  These can be captured in a studio like setting or out doors. I even have a tub in the event you want some bubble bath pictures.

Below is Giselle : One year old portraits 

Below is Bella : One year old Portraits

Hopefully you find this post helpful. If you want to book a session with your little one let me know. I also do add in parents too. It’s not just about the little one.

Im an Orlando based photographer.