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Tampa Beach Photographer | Extended Family Portrait Photographer

Oh how I love the beach. Being able to photograph both coasts is actually really a cool option for me. I always feel so far from the beach living in Central FL but in reality I really get to have the best of both worlds. I’m really trying to branch out and shoot more beach sessions. So that means going to other beaches. I really will always love the softness of the west coasts. The sunset and all that it has to offer. The east coast is pretty too since it gives the softest sunset/lighting too.

This Beach session was photographed at Upham Beach, by the St. Pete Area. It was the first time going and it certainly didn’t disappoint. They have a bunch of rocks along the edges that enter into the water. There’s a bunch of parking, a boardwalk, sea-grape trees and soft white sand. So if you are looking for a beach that would photograph nicely this is a great option. I do recommend avoiding any beach on weekends (Friday – Sunday) Since the crowds are much more heavy. I photoshopped out a bunch of people from this session since it was shot on a Saturday. (When I went to check out the beach on Wednesday there was next to no one.) Fun fact: You can normally tell if a beach will be busy if they have food options close by.

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