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Sunset sunflower portraits at Southern Hill Farms

I can not even with this session. I love them and the sun and how they let me just keep clicking away. This is also an informative post regarding the lighting and how quickly it changes. I think it was around 17 mins total. We had cloud cover all day so I got to get my fun crisp bright images first. Then as we were leaving the sun peeked out through the clouds and went a little crazy (in a good way.) As we were walking to the peach trees to get those shots then the sun went and showed off even more and we ran back into the field, that was a funny part since we were all trying to leave and then the sun some how brightened up a tad more and blanketed the world with this soft peach and pink glow. This is why I wait for the sky to show me what it will do. I sound crazy at my shoots a lot of times since I need some clouds to create some cool looking skies but not too many on the horizon. Sometimes we wait it out for no cotton candy skies and then other times this magic happens. I would rather wait if possible, for obvious reasons. Bribe the kids with something, or actually the husbands/partners.


First lighting of the day


Mid lighting when I thought that was all the sunset we were going to get


dootdootdoot hanging by the peaches, turn around see the sky, run into the field with my clients (One whom was wearing heels)


Get this shot!!