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SandPearl Resort in Clearwater Beach Photographer – SandPearl resort beach photographer

SandPearl resort beach photographer with 5 reasons why you should consider a portrait session while on your orlando beach vacation.

These are gunna be some epic Christmas Cards. I love that we were able to meet up the one night they were in town at the stunning Sandpearl Resort in Clearwater Beach. I will never mind the drive to the beach, especially with skies like this!! I really think the boys had a blast at the beach too.

They were staying at the SandPearl resort beach and we were able to photograph their session at the comfort of their resort. It was amazing and I had a blast. I photoshopped out a some of people that wondered in the background so no worries about that at all. 

Here’s 5 reasons why you should consider a beach portrait session:

  1. These are the best souvenirs you can give yourself. They capture the best moments in the now and last longer than that suntan
  2. We can chat about all the local offerings and things to do so you will learn more about the area.
  3. If you don’t live near a beach there is nothing quite like it and It really is a unique art piece for your home.
  4. I offer drone and underwater options too!! Talk about something different 
  5. These sessions can be done really quickly, so if you have kids that want the sessions to be done asap or maybe even a dad this is a really fun option.

Okay so hear me out. We want to wait for sunset for these skies!!