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Proposal Photographer | Orange Lake Resort Orlando

Hi everyone. Okay so I know I say every type of session is my favortie but I seriously think that it’s my amazing clients that are what make them all so special. Being an orlando photographer I get to meet so many people from all over the world! This session was amazing. With proposals we all basically just lie. My favorite way to capture the proposals are exactly how they did it. They set up the shoot. That way everone looks nice, Im not hiding in a bush or pretending to wait for my client/or be on my phone. (Don’t get me wrong, I will jump in bushes for you all and stay totally hidden) But this way I can set up the location. I can make sure your in the proper lighting nd we get great shots. I also can come in much closer. His mom set up the whole moment. She told them that included with their package that they had a session included. We met up in the morning. (That way the resort would be less busy, since River island at the Orange lake resort gets packed. Then I started the session like I would any other session. We did some family portraits and started to pair it down, once I got to them I did some poses, eventually I posed them back to back, that way when he went down on one knee it just flowed nicely, plus his mom had to slip him the ring box. (See sneaky sneaky)

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