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Orlando vacation portraits

If you were watching from the side while we took these photos you would think we have known each other our whole life. I love that I feel that way whenever I meet my clients. This was my second time photographing their family and I love how these turned out so much!! Right now we are only able to take portraits at the home base resorts or resorts you have a dinning reservation at. I love that we were able to document the contemporary with its stunning boardwalk, the overlook to the castle and the neat architecture of the buildings. Add a little mickey sculpture and I’m in heaven. We also went into the DVC side pool area and they showed me a little hidden beach area, I also photographed up against these blue glass and I was loving it. I can’t believe that they took out the bamboo trees too. Those were around the DVC area. So that was a shock. I bet that took some time to get those trees out.

But we hugged, walked, squished all together for some epic shots. I love how dad walked into the plants and made everyone laugh. We basically laughed the whole time!!


That lighting though!!!


Here’s where dad tripped and we laughed about it through 2 different set ups




I can’t with this series. I love it so much!!!






hidden beach


new favorite glass wall


And everyone’s favorite. Castle shot. The light here around sunset is fantastic!!!