A breathtaking sunset at Seabreeze Point, Disney's BoardWalk Resort, casting warm hues over the romantic proposal setting.

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Orlando, FL proposal Photographer: A Private Disney World Proposal at Seabreeze Point

"Pure joy radiates as the couple embraces, laughter and happiness echoing in the air after the heartfelt proposal at Disney's BoardWalk Resort.

Private Disney World Proposal at Seabreeze Point

Picture this: the sun dipping below the horizon, casting hues of pink and gold across the sky, as Seabreeze Point becomes the stage for a private proposal. At this very spot, where dreams come to life, I had the absolute joy of freezing one of life’s most magical moments in time. It’s not just about capturing a proposal; it’s about encapsulating the unfiltered emotion and pure joy that radiates in the air. Moments like these are more than just photographs – they’re portals to a memory that will forever be etched in the hearts of those who dared to dream. Join me in reliving the excitement, the laughter, and the pure bliss of a private Disney World proposal, as we unravel the story behind the lens and celebrate the magic that makes every heartbeat at the BoardWalk a symphony of love.

A breathtaking sunset at Seabreeze Point, Disney's BoardWalk Resort, casting warm hues over the romantic proposal setting.

We captured this fun private proposal at disney world’s boardwalk resort in Seabreeze Point. Which is an amazing location. You can actually get married right in this spot too. I was way early to this shoot to scope it out and make sure no events were taking place there. I sent the text, put down stickers on the ground to help mark the proposal spot. (Seabreeze Point has a really pretty archway we aim to shoot under) And then I waited with my excitement. When they were approaching it seemed like he wasn’t going to be able to get her to walk into the Seabreeze Point. Ha. I was like oh I guess I’ll just follow them if that was the case but he was like come here take a picture with me. And she went far left. It was amusing to say the least. I saw myself in her so much. That would be Mark trying to guide me over. Granted if he asked me to take a picture I would have been like Heck yes! so yah know. But he eventually just proposed in that spot they were at. I was set and ready and we got the cutest reaction ever. You guys are the best! After the shock of it all we walked around the boardwalk to take pictures before their dinner.

A silhouette of the newly engaged couple against the vibrant sunset, symbolizing the beginning of their magical journey together at Seabreeze Point.

Seabreeze Point at Sunset: Seabreeze Point is a great location for a proposal. It is a bit of a private location, But it does come with some catches. Sometimes they have events taking place here and no one will tell you if it is going to happen. But I always show up early and scope everything out. We also choose a back up location too incase that location is occupied. But it is pretty amazing as not a lot of people are there. It is full of charm too with a romantic ambiance and a stunning backdrop at sunset.

A candid shot capturing the exact moment of the proposal, with emotions running high against the backdrop of the iconic BoardWalk.

Planning the Perfect Proposal: So I plan out a lot of details, like where to stand what to look for. I don’t mind acting like a tourist/mom/etc. For this proposal I even marked the spot to do the proposal with the disney stickers. (Yes internet I picked them up after). I get to the spot early so that I can “hold the spot” Meaning I’ll just stand there and when you all arrive I just move out of the way. Disney World proposals are so cute and so much fun. But even with all this planning it doesn’t mean that it will go to plan. Sometimes we just have to go with it.

The Magic of Sunset Photography: The beauty of capturing a proposal during the golden hour at sunset means were not fighting too much with the crazy lighting situations that can arise. The warm, soft light adds a magical touch to the photographs. But that means you need to be as on time as possible. Since once the light is gone, it’s gone.

I’ve been doing this a long time: I’m like that insurance commercial. “We know a thing or two because we’ve seen a thing or two.” That’s me hahaha. My best tips:

  1. Share your location with me (if possible)
  2. Set up a preplanned phone call/text meeting (Or just nice detailed emails work too)
  3. Let me know what you look like (Send a picture, and text me what you are wearing)
  4. I typically mark the spot with stickers
  5. Have a back up location and a back up rain plan location

Making Memories Last Forever: Could you imagine seeing your parent’s proposal? I would just love that. So being able to preserve the magic of the proposal forever is the sweetest thing. I love to capture these once-in-a-lifetime moments.


So if you are coming to Disney World and plan to proposal. Consider the beauty at Seabreeze Point. Feel free to reach out for to plan your own magical moment. Contact me online.