Newborn Sessions 

Preparing for your photo session:

{Proper planning prevents poor performance.}  That’s what my momma always says…

  • On the day of the photo shoot dress your baby in loose clothes, avoid elastic. That type of clothing can leave visible marks on the skin.
  • I’m all for special requests, props and sentimental items that you want to included in your photos.  Just let me know and ill be sure to include them, plus I can start planning special poses with these items. There is also a huge selection of hand crafted one of a kind props on  If your interested Just plan to get them a few months before the photo session. Most of them are made to order. Oh and be sure to get “newborn” size.
  • A full baby is a happy baby. It would be best if you can feed your baby close to your session time and have a towel or blanket close by for your baby in between poses. Also change your baby. I normally get popped and peed on, frequently. {I’m gunna go with it is a sign of good luck!}
  • As long as you are comfortable, most of the Babies photo will be were he is undressed. Prior to your arrival have the baby dressed in something easy to take off. Keep the diaper a little loose/starting 30 mins prior and wrap them in a warm snugly blanket. the loose diaper is so we don’t have marks on baby.

What should we wear?:

  • Newborns – nothing! Diapers can work if you have a diaper cover, or if you use a plain cloth diapers. We can also do pictures swaddled in blankets and use any hats and booties you want. I also suggest bringing a plain onesie. White preferably.
  • For mom, dad, and any siblings- I recommend having a long black shirt on hand for some other poses just for baby, yup that’s right I normally use mom for a prop. Babies seem to love there mommy. But also a black shirt and jeans,  or another dark plain shirt. And for a cleaner look I would love for the family to have white shirts. Also if dad feels comfortable I will ask if he would want to take his shirt off and pose with the baby for skin-to-skin pictures. Dad can certainly say no. but these are just recommendations. Also mom can have the baby wrapped tightly with a cloth and the baby nestled on her chest. So mom if you happen to have a tube top for that sort of shoot.
  • Clothing really depending on the style of your shoot. Sometimes I like to push the mold on this one.  When it comes to your shoot. Choosing clothing is one of the hardest parts. For indoors choose clothing for yourself or young children with neutral tones (off whites, Black’s, greys are better, dark blues) as bolder patterns and logos can be distracting. A simple look will stand the test of time and bare feet are my preference. If we decide to take your session outdoors I always love too stylize the clothing choices more. Anthroplogie and other online store seem to be wear most of my clients are going. The all white shirts and jeans seem to be the old school style. Feel free to contact me so we can discuss possible choices and ways to pull off a more stylized shoot.

Photo Session:

  • Location- normally I come to your house.  I’ll look for a room with the most available lighting, as I try and shoot with natural light, exclusively.
  • I work with you to determine the best time of day for your session, working through naps, feedings, and the individual needs of you and your baby.
  • Photo Sessions are never rushed and take approximately two to three hours. (I know it’s can seem like a long time) I like to devote plenty of time in order to give you and your baby the attention you deserve, shooting a wide variety of poses, expressions and family members.
  • Normally I start with Family poses and will do individual pictures of mom and baby, dad and baby, and any siblings with baby. I try and work these portraits around how the baby is responding. Its their show. Sometimes I’ll try certain poses.  But each baby is different.  We always work with your baby to determine the best poses.

After the Session:

  • About 3-6 weeks after your session (depending on the season) I will email you your password so you can view them online. I will also mail out your disk of high resolution images (if part of your package).  Also I will have a sneak peek on my blog before hand! Feel free to share these pictures with your family and friends. Show off! | 239-682-5918