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Lake Nona Family Portraits

Welp found another spot that I’m head over heels for. This was a morning session. We were lucky since they were dropping off the grandparents at the airport, so thank you rain for staying away. Talk about a cool spot. It is bright, vibrant, with an urban feel. Everything is close together and so trendy. I will be getting some headshots captured at this location when I get my self together. Location: Lake Nona Time: Morning Session 8:00 am (If we didn’t get here early then we wouldn’t have gotten to shoot against that cool white building as the light was hitting it hard when we left. ) lake-nona-family-photographer-_1512.jpg lake-nona-family-photographer-_1513.jpg lake-nona-family-photographer-_1509.jpg lake-nona-family-photographer-_1510.jpg lake-nona-family-photographer-_1514.jpg lake-nona-family-photographer-_1511.jpg lake-nona-family-photographer-_1508.jpg