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How to cut a cake on your wedding day and what am I taking pictures of during that moment

How to cut a cake on your wedding day and what am I taking pictures of during that moment


If you don’t have a planner then you basically have me smiling at you while asking do you know what to do? This is one of the first joint thing you do as a couple. Hence why you are cutting it together. Fun fact Did you know the bride used to cut the cake on her own to symboling the loss of her virginity?


What to do when cutting the cake and when I am photographing* the moment:

**I start off with a traditional picture of you two together with your epic cake. After that feel free to make silly faces and funny poses with your knife and server

1.) I always recommend cutting the bottom tier. One you are more thank likely saving that for your one year anniversary. And two it will help not topple over your cake. Which is always a good thing.
**Candid pictures will taken throughout this whole moment so just do you with a smile

2.) I like when your husband’s hand is on the knife and your hand on top of his. You can also do the two handed cut which is also adorable
3.) You don’t need to create a huge cut, just use a tiny slice with the knife.
4.) Then you can use the server to slide it on-to the plate.
5.) Slice that cut with the knife and bam you have two pieces of cake.
6.) Feed each other. (With forks or fingers)
7.) Smash the cake if you want of just dollop on your nose
**Do one last kiss in front of your cake

What you need to cut your cake:


The top cake cutting songs:

-Sugar Sugar, The Archies
-Cake by the ocean, DNCE
-Pour some sugar on me, Def Leppard
-How Sweet It Is, James Taylor
-That’s Amore