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Family Reunion Photographer in Orlando FL

I feel so lucky to be able to do what I got to do and to meet the people that I get to meet. The leader of this group of 19 people was so well organized it was so easy to shoot I’ve had more difficult you with three people compared to this group of 19 which was really nice. Every single person in the group thing was so wonderful and fun to work with they thought my jokes were funny so naturally we got beautiful images. I felt like I was almost in the family even though I wasn’t. But it’s always Nice to be able to get big family pictures of everybody together. They were all up for my candid pictures too so we got really nice everybody look at each other and laughed shots. Then we did the shots with the grandparents. And then pair down each individual family so that was really nice. I didn’t even have to Photoshop any ones heads for this shoot. We got amazing shots with beautiful with a beautiful location, with flowers blooming all around and the weather was really nice even though it’s already starting to get a little warm in April. Enjoy the images thank you.