senior portraits orlando fl bok tower gardens

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Double the magic | senior portraits orlando fl bok tower gardens

senior portraits orlando fl bok tower gardens

I certainly over-shot this session and I could careless. These girls were amazing, up for it all and totally understood the assignment. From epic props and accessories to capture this milestone, to awesome outfits that complemented the beautiful surroundings of Bok Tower Gardens. Yes you all know that I love Bok Tower Gardens. From the lush grounds, amazing architecture of the estate house, there are a 100 places for portraits here.

I have been in full force with Senior Portraits this year and I love them all. Fun fact I don’t charge extra for Twins. Ever.

Hey there, magical high school graduates! Double the fun, double the excitement – welcome to an unforgettable senior portrait session at the breathtaking Bok Tower Gardens in sunny Orlando, FL! As your go-to photographer, I couldn’t be more thrilled to capture this milestone for you, my fabulous twin seniors, amidst the enchanting beauty of one of my all-time favorite portrait locations!





Bok Tower Gardens: Where Dreams Come True for Senior Portraits!
Picture this – rolling hills, serene gardens, and the captivating melody of the Singing Tower – it’s the perfect setting to celebrate your journey through high school and beyond! Bok Tower Gardens is an absolute gem, and I can’t wait to showcase your vibrant personalities against its backdrop of lush greenery and timeless architecture.

Double the Style, Double the Fun!
As twins, your bond is incomparable, and we’ll highlight that in every frame! Coordinate your outfits to reflect your unique personalities while adding your own twists to make this experience truly yours. And hey, a little friendly competition during the shoot? Why not! It’s all about capturing that dynamic chemistry that makes your bond extraordinary.

The Secret Garden of Poses: Capturing Your Best Sides!
Be prepared for a day of laughter, adventure, and unforgettable poses! As your fun-loving photographer, I’ll guide you through a mix of classic and creative poses that showcase your individuality and that magical twin connection. Trust me, we’ll have a blast!

Adventures Await: Exploring the Gardens Together!
Let’s make this more than just a portrait session – it’s an adventure! We’ll explore the hidden nooks and picturesque spots Bok Tower Gardens has to offer. From vibrant blooms to sun-kissed meadows, every corner will be a canvas for your radiant personalities to shine.
Making Memories to Treasure Forever! As your dedicated photographer, I promise to capture every candid moment and genuine laugh during this experience. Whether it’s a heartfelt hug or a playful dance amidst the flowers, these memories will be treasures you’ll cherish for a lifetime.

Share the Magic: Customized Packages for Your Journey!
I’ve crafted special senior portrait packages just for you, my incredible twins! From digital galleries to vibrant prints, we’ll create tangible keepsakes that celebrate your uniqueness and the love you share as twins.

To my sensational graduating twins, get ready for an unforgettable senior portrait experience at Bok Tower Gardens – the place where dreams come true! As your fun-loving Orlando, FL portrait photographer, I’m counting down the days until we embark on this adventure together. Let’s capture double the magic, double the fun, and double the love in every frame, celebrating your journey and the unique bond that makes you both truly extraordinary! See you soon! 🌿📸

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