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Disney’s Boardwalk Proposal Photographer

Don’t be suspicious don’t be suspicious. Ha, that was us again. You guys I love proposal photography. Especially in my favorite place ever!! Disney!! Doing what we do. It has been a lot of fun having Mark come with me as my decoy. I have the proposer ask Mark to take a picture of them. (That way I can get all up close) It is really a video to guys!! Then I’m all sneaky with my baby stroller and no there is no baby in the stroller and bam! We make beautiful portraits of the moment without hiding in a bush! Win-Win!! After the proposal, we took some great photos until it got dark at the boardwalk. I could not have loved this moment more. Sunset at Disney’s boardwalk – Seabreeze point. What a perfect location for a proposal. Y’all know that you can get married in the same spot you proposed at right. Wink Wink!! Fun fact I saw them being adorable the next day at Magic Kingdom!!! (I did not stalk them this time, like yesterday)





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