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Orlando Florida Holiday Portraits : Portrait Photography

Once Upon a time I was a college girl. I always had classes with Chris. We had made countless memories throughout the years. Taking fun trips via tri-rail down to Downtown Miami to express our wonderful artsy selves in the world of street photography. I chose to focus on windows and reflections. It was such a fun time and we always ate at that one salad place!! Epic. Bri, my college buddy and I also always bugged Chris and Jenny to start a family. Rude I know… oh so rude but then it just became a running joke, even graduation day Bri and I were acting like we were rocking a baby while Jenny looked on in the audiences. Just shaking her head 🙂 So I sorta feel like I’m responsible for their son. Even tho I don’t do any of the parenting or helping out. So Mason will always have a special place in my heart! I can’t even believe how much he has changed. I can’t wait for their new addition too!! Jenny is an amazing baker behind Sweet Tooth Cake and Cookie Factory : Such great yum its insane!!


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