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Im in love with this family. We got so many wonderful shots. We took these in Celebration, Around Artisian Park. A perfect location. So I may sound crazy but fall is coming. I felt a breeze. Like a real breeze. One that didn’t mean a thunderstorm was coming. Im super excited this year for fall. Probably because last year I was so pregnant I didn’t want to do anything and I had a crazy recovery from birth so it is like I have had just two years of Summer. Any ways. We got Harrisons’ nice sitter session in. We used the same blanket and bucket from his brother’s sitter session. Then we went back to their house for some milestone crawling images. I love this family. I feel so close to them and I mean we just keep getting gems for images.

Oh fun shot. I put a picture of both the boys in the bucket at the same age for comparison shots.

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