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Celebration Bohemian Hotel : Celebration Florida Wedding Photographer

I heard him whisper he loved her. That’s how there love is. A quite, soft and sweet sort of love. All day they exchange glances and softly graze each other’s hands. You can tell how much they cherish the love that they found for each other. It’s the sort of relationship where he will guide her through and open door with his hand on the small of her back. They sort of finish each other’s sentences and they really know each other. I really enjoyed getting to know them and documenting their cozy wedding. It was a Thursday and it rained. It rained all day, in fact, around 6 inches fell. I really loved how Jonette didn’t seem to bat an eye, she just went with it. When I met up with Jonette to start documenting the start of the wedding, as she was getting ready, she had the twilight soundtrack playing! Now Im gunna just lay this out there. I edited almost every 2010 wedding to those twilight soundtracks. Yes, I truly just admitted that. So it was really fun to shoot to the music. They had a lovely ceremony, very quick too. The decor was amazing as well. David Baker’s Floral creations were stunning!

Jonette and Marc – now every time it rains I hope u can remember your amazing wedding day.

Wedding Coordinator: Just Marry! – Tahnee Thompson –

Ceremony Venue : Celebration Hotel – Melissa Jones (330) 219-8796 –

Florist: David Baker

DJ : Soundwave –