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5 of the Best Reunion Resort Photoshoot locations | Plus a Bonus location

Want to know what the 5 Best Reunion Resort Photoshoot locations are?

I’m a local photographer in the Orlando area and I live really close to Reunion Resort in Florida, so I tend to shoot around here a lot for families that come on vacation to reunion resort. I wanted to compile a list of the Best Reunion Resort Photoshoot locations. As the name states, it is a great place for family reunions. I wanted to make a blog post to talk about my favorite areas for portraits around the reunion resort. When it comes to capturing your photoshoot with your extended family, there’s no better place to do it than at Reunion Resort in Florida. They have so many picturesque settings, this luxurious resort offers the perfect backdrop for an unforgettable photoshoot. So let’s talk about those location options.

1. Main Park by the Grand

This park is full of shade, benches, pretty flowers and fountains. I love this spot for large family groupings too since people can sit easily on the benches and there isn’t a ton of walking. Great for any mobility issues too.

2. Quaint park with trellises and climbing purple plants

This is a smaller area but it is another great option as it is layered with beautiful landscaping.

3. Encore Clubhouse

This is a great option if you are staying on the encore side of reunion resort. This location reminds me of old key west, with the white gazebo, mint green clubhouse and the really pretty landscaping around the area.

4.) By the Entrance area

I love this sneaky area in reunion resort that doesn’t get used as much. It is by one of the main entrances off Osceola Polk line road. It almost looks like an old stable area. There’s also a spot across the street that I love too.

5. Backside of the grand

This shows a whole scene of the golf course, a large water feature, really pretty balcony areas and palm trees. I love this spot.

Bonus – your rental house

This is tricky, since the houses are so close together and sometimes the lighting isn’t right but if it is or if your property is facing one of the golf courses or nature backyard with the sun the right way then this can be an option. We might not get a ton of variety but depending on the property we can get amazing images. Check out this rental.