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Baldwin Park Family Photographer

This is the newborn that made me fall in love with Newborn Photography….sooooo no sure why she is so grown up!!! So throughout December I get a lot of really fun sessions with a lot of my repeat clients and I haven’t seen this family in a while and I was so shocked with how big Their daughter got I mean I knew she was older but she’s so tall and so cute and it kind of almost it doesn’t make me cry but it’s just like freeze frame from years go by and I’m so happy that I was able to take her portraits around their Christmas and at their home it was really really fun. Being at home we were able to incorporate a cute puppy dog which gave me massive puppy fever I’m not gonna lie I followed all the golden doodle people ever now on Instagram which is not very good idea but it was such a great session I’m so happy that they’re neighborhood was so cute too with the tree line streets and everything was really fun.