Wedding Tips

Planning & Timing:
If you do not have your heart set on not seeing each other until the ceremony, I highly recommend shooting all of the formal portraits before the ceremony. Think of it like photography insurance for your pictures. I generally require an hour and a half for portraits (20-30 min. for bride & groom alone; 30 min. for bridal party; and 30 min. for family). If you choose to do a first look Your day would go like this. You would choose a location, {at your venue or not} where we can have him waiting for you. You would walk up behind him. tap him on the shoulder,  he would turn around to see you. Just you. Then you can focus on him, just him. No cameras, parents, none of that. No worrying about falling down the aisle. Just you and him. Then from there we would go straight into the bride and groom portraits alone, {20-30 mins} then we would take your bridal party pictures {30 mins} and if you would like to take pictures with your families you can at that time or we can easily achieve this after the ceremony.  Choosing to see each other before the ceremony, is a special time for the two of you to interact before the craziness of the day. After the ceremony I find that brides and grooms are not very excited to do portraits but would rather spend time interacting with their loved ones and guests. This is why I recommend getting the portraits out of the way ahead of time. If you choose the traditional approach of shooting the portraits after the ceremony, make sure to time your ceremony so there is sufficient light available. Natural light makes all the difference in the quality of your photos.  plan at least a half hour after the ceremony to interact with your guests or family before even beginning the portraits. So overall, make sure the ceremony ends 2 hours before sunset to be safe. In addition, I recommend planning in extra time between different events of your day as there are always unexpected things that come up and this will help to reduce stress and allow you to enjoy your day.
Create a Shot List:
I typically shoot the following formals:
Bride and Groom with Grooms immediante family
Bride and groom with Brides immediate family
Bridal party {all together}
Bride and Bridesmaid {grouped & individually}
Groom and Groomsmen {Grouped & individually}
Bride and Groom
If there are any other special guest that you would like captured. Please list them below or email me.  This list will be used to help guide us in creating these special shots that could be forgotten. I sugget keeping this list lite. Every attempt will be made to get these amazing shots. These will be taken directly after the ceremony. So please inform your special photographed guest that you would need them to stay after. With that in mind its always a great idea if you have a guest to rangle up the people that are suppose to be photographed. Please remember I will be shooting constantly and am sure to get a wide variety of shots
Sharing is Caring:
As you know, my style of photography is a mix of photojournalistic with some fun poses in the mix, to get you want you want and need. This means that I will follow you throughout the day and shoot all the details and special moments as they happen. If I see a moment or better lighting I will ask you to move there. It is important to communicate your excitement about your choice for photography to your family and friends. Write them all an email and include my website and encourage them to take a look. When they see examples of my work they will better understand what I am doing on your wedding day. They will feel more comfortable around the camera. In the email also encourage them to ignore me as much as possible. I try to be unobtrusive and invisible as much as possible. This way I get much more natural shots. Preparing your family and friends will help everyone to enjoy the day and will insure that I capture the best images of your day.

Trust Me:

It is my hope that you hire me because you trust that I will do a fabulous job documenting one of the most important days of your life. I promise to do my best for you. What I want most for you is that you will be able to enjoy your wedding day, free of any worry that all the right shots are being taken. So determine ahead of time to enjoy your day & to relinquish control over the photography on the day of your wedding. Enjoy it All!